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 GM Application for Jeff

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GM Application for Jeff Empty
PostSubject: GM Application for Jeff   GM Application for Jeff EmptySun May 24, 2009 9:29 pm

how many time u was gm: 11 (I think)
in which games u was gm :Experience-DBZ Shadow Reign (Master Enforcer), DBZ Online (Game Owner), DBZ Last Dynasty (Master Enforcer), DBZ Heroes Legacy (Staff Council), DBZ Revolution Z ( Trial Enforcer) (Note:No GMs go on to promote), DBZ Last Dynasty (Staff Council), DBZ Dark Appocalypse (Staff Council), DBZ The power withing you got the power (High Council), DBZ Lost Saiyans 1 (Enforcer), DBZ Frontline (Master Enforcer), DBZ Aura of Power 2 (Master Enforcer)

what your key :Zoidberg3323

what your name in the game : Jeff

what is your email : guitarjeff5@sbcglobal.net

what is your msn : Don't Have MSN

why should i pick you : I am a trustworthy GM that is online alot and I will enforce the game. I have alot of experience in GM and I help basically every player that needs help. I am used to the format of the game, so I will be ready to help. I got alot of good feedback on other games that I was GM on. I don't abuse the powers of a GM, and finally I have skills that you may need.

what is abuse to you : Banning for no reason, editting levels to PK lower levels, editting any sort of stats randomly, Spamming the chat, and overusing the powers of a GM.

more details about you (Iconer,coder,hoster,mapper,gfxer.) : I can GFX and I make forums.
If you can get me a byond membership (not must)
: No
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GM Application for Jeff
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