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 Gm application(Like no other)

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Gm application(Like no other) Empty
PostSubject: Gm application(Like no other)   Gm application(Like no other) EmptyFri Feb 06, 2009 12:46 pm

In Game Name:Kratos

Byond Key:XBlackwindX

Email Address:jmoiashby@gmail.com

TIme: 11:03 AM

Country:British Virgin Islands

Gm expirence of being a gm:

1-Dragonballz Gt Darkness Within
2-Pokemon Killer Blood
3-Pokemon Ultimate Revenge
4- Dragonballz KIllers of hell
5-Dragonballz dark accolpyse
6-Dragonballz Omega Blasters
7-Dragonballz Ultimate Revenge 2
8-Naruto Ultimate Revenge
9-Dragonballz Total Destruction
10-Dragonballz Saiyan Fury
11-Dbz Sr
It has alot more but thats all i would put for now.

Why would we pick you:You would pick me because i can help everybody on the game and im aiconner i can help the owner with icons i come on everyday and i tell my freinds about this game and i tell them when its up to come on and stay on for a few hours but they have been offline for about a month now.

What would i do if i was gm:What i would do as gm is help everybody on the game and greet people when they come on help players in need and do everything in my power to get this game to be the best game on Byond ever made!

Whats Gm abuse to me: Gm abuse to me is Banning with no reason booting with no reason, or without a good enough reason. If you ban someone because they dont fully understand the game, then that is abuse. I would help the person to understand the rules than to ban them in order to just get them out of the way. Muting with no reason warning with no reason, editing with no reason, host banning for no reason and all the above are also various ways of abuse.

Thank You For reading My application!

And even if im not hired i will still help people and do all the things in my power to help the game.

Thank you!
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Gm application(Like no other)
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