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 Offically applying

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Offically applying Empty
PostSubject: Offically applying   Offically applying EmptySat Dec 13, 2008 1:45 am

Key: Andrewdogg

Name: Andrew Hubbel

Reason for applying: To help keep the server from being noobish by enforcing rules. cheers I know all the normal rules for enfocers and players. I think I can also be helpful in finding noob GM's if we ever get any.

Experience: WS( On your server for like half a day XD) DBZ: Age of Chaos, and this server at lvl and Enforcer.

Lvl of GM wanted: I want to be able to have the power to edit. That can help me give better rewards when I host a budi. If I hosted one at lvl , the only prise would be DBs of there choice XD. I would not abuse edited powers. I would have one edited( for fun) and one normal to beable to play fairly.

Hope I can get promted to a higher GM some day XD
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Offically applying
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