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 Applying for GM

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PostSubject: Applying for GM   Applying for GM EmptyFri Apr 03, 2009 3:50 pm

Hi im EX and im applying for GM.Im Apllying because i had LOTS of exp,Owner 2,enforcer 1,Gm 5,i started to icon and im working on coding next.I admite im not perfect because i scwerd up 2 times.I rly Like this game alot and im willing to do my best.most people dont know me but there metting me.if theres some1 i dont like i basicly do the best to be friends with them Im also rly cool when u get 2 know me.so thats why im applying ^^ .Bye

My BYOND key in Naruto1221221
My Username is EX
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Applying for GM
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