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 SIN SITY BOY:to get gm

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SIN SITY BOY:to get gm Empty
PostSubject: SIN SITY BOY:to get gm   SIN SITY BOY:to get gm EmptySat May 23, 2009 8:52 pm

hello my key name is leeval my game name is Sin Sity B thats my only name u can go to any type of game in find that i'm gm on mostly all of them for the simple fact that i'm a just a loyall person in a cery very good gm king everybody like me ask around about me they will say they trust me owners on games trust me if im only lvl 1 gm cause they no i'm good i'm a nice player in i will be the best gm for the game i dont abuse or cheat i tell the gms about how to find out if a player abused its easy i help find bugs in the game i help the players any time i can i try to get on the game as much as i can just to be a help in the game ok so i hope u take this under thinking about I love you Cool farao cheers bom lol!
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SIN SITY BOY:to get gm
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