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 Weskee Gm application

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Weskee Gm application Empty
PostSubject: Weskee Gm application   Weskee Gm application EmptyFri Apr 17, 2009 5:52 pm

how many time u was gm:Atleast over 5 to 10 times

in which games u was gm :Dark apocolyps,Shurajou,and ls1 and 2 , i have been lvl 2 and 3 or higher ,i will do everything in my power to keep this game running straight and not be assulted by the actions of those who wish to harm it through any level of gm i obtain/ if i am allowed to obtain.

what your key :Weske_o4o

what your name in the game :Weskee

what is your email :Weske_o4o@live.nl

what is your msn :Weske_o4o@live.nl

why should i pick you :I have much experience at being a lvl 2 or 3 gm on any anime gametype, i do not abuse solely for the fact if i am applying for gm i like the game and do not wish to be banned from it. Dragonball Z Worlds Reborn is a very good game i enjoy the gameplay i am social, i dont talk bad to people i keep respect

what is abuse to you :Abuse has many ways, bug abuse would be if you found a way to train faster or gain stats, aka mass talking to babadi and then clicking ok for the power ups alot. abuse of gm would be editing unrightfully of players, banning for no reason etc. but Abuse all together would be you are doing something against the rules or you believe to be wrong but do it anyways

I have 1 year iconning Experience,i will do my best for the server
to make some bugs if there are any and that like stuff

Thanks for ur Time !
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Weskee Gm application
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