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 Salim's GM application

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PostSubject: Salim's GM application   Salim's GM application EmptyThu Apr 16, 2009 4:43 pm

How many times I have been a GM: I am currently a level 4 GM on Dragonball GT: Rise and Fall

In which games were you a GM : Dragonball GT: Rise and Fall

BYOND key: Rinst

What your name in the game: Salim

What is your email: Invisiblesonic@hotmail.com

What is your msn: Invisiblesonic@hotmail.com

Why you should pick me: You should pick me because, as I stated before, I have been a level 4 GM and I know how to use all of the GM verbs properly. I am also an Iconner, which you will read about in the section "Details about me".

What abuse is to me: There are many varieties of abuse, ranging from editing yourself to booting people for no reason. To me, abuse is using your almighty GM powers to do something that in someway is against the GM rules.

Details about me (Iconer,Coder, Hoster, Mapper, GFXer.): I am a Iconner, and I can show you my work via the game or MSN. I have created swords, armor, and most recently angel wings. I am also the lead iconner for Dragonball GT: Rise and Fall.

If you can get me a BYOND membership: No, I am sorry

Thanks if you read the whole application, and thak you if you even read parts of it.
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Salim's GM application
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