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 Angeal For GM

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PostSubject: Angeal For GM   Angeal For GM EmptyFri Dec 12, 2008 4:00 pm

how many time u was gm: i have been GM about 20 times(no lie)

in which games u was gm : Dragonball Z: Ultimate Revenge 1 & 2(Owner)
Dragonball AF: Future Revealed 1 & 2(Owner)
Pokemon: The Rebirth(Owner)
Dragonball Z: Dark Apocalypse(Started at lvl 2 now im part Owner)
Dragonball Untold Sagas(Was lvl 2 GM)
Dragonball Z Struggle For Supremecy(Staff Council)
Dragonball Z All Star Battle(Part Owner)
Dragonball: Dragon's Revenge(High Enforcer)
Dragonball GT: The Secret Legends(High Council)
Dragonball Z: Omega Masters(Staff Council)
Dragonball Z: The New Power Reborn(Co-Owner)
and currently working on some other projects with friends....and im a coder

what your key : Ijra10

what your name in the game : Angeal

what is your email : imisai10@hotmail.com

what is your msn : same
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Angeal For GM
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