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 Soulja's Gm Application

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Soulja's Gm Application Empty
PostSubject: Soulja's Gm Application   Soulja's Gm Application EmptyFri Apr 10, 2009 11:17 am

Username: PJ_14
Name: Soulja

Games I been Admin on and level:
DBZ Gohan the Mystic 5
Naruto Shinobi Tactics 3
Bleach Ichirin no hana 4
DBZ Universe Destruction 5
Return of Chaos 2
Pokemon Realms 1

Reason why I want to become admin:

I want to become an admin because im a good person. I like to help people with there needs and other things. I know all the verbs and I don't abuse. I also look other the game while the owner is gone and make everything be in order. MY average level is usually around 4 and 5. I almost became a Co-owner in the game but I didn't. I would be happy if I became admin. cheers
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Soulja's Gm Application
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