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PostSubject: Gm Position   Gm Position EmptyThu Apr 02, 2009 9:56 am

[b][i]Hello good day to all the members of Dragonball z: war of worlds im here applying for gm spot on your game
Reason: i have alot of experience as a gm i been gm on alot of games but i cant remeber some, dbz world strongest - lvl 3, naruto chronicles - lvl 4 mostly alot of naruto game but i cant remember them i just got back playing byond games last week computer was down an this is the first game that im applying for gm.Im a friendly person jus like having fun i obey all rules of all game an i will respect all rules. Im on byond most of the time so im a good host if u need any

Name in games:Butcha
I hope that i was accpeted as one of your gms an have a nice day
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Gm Position
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