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 gm app i have been a gm befor

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gm app i have  been a gm befor Empty
PostSubject: gm app i have been a gm befor   gm app i have  been a gm befor EmptySat Mar 28, 2009 11:57 am

how many time u was gm:4

in which games u was gm :bleach arnacars revenge, dbz worlds strongest,bleach dirge of chaoz, dbz lost sayens.

what your key :Darkone57

what your name in the game :Darkon

what is your email :bloodrayn56@yahoo.com

what is your msn :bloodrayn56@yahoo.com

why should i pick you :well i guess coz im frendly i love to help whatever way i can and i have had expireance inbeing a gm but its ur choice

what is abuse to you :not respecting the gm when there only trying to help

more detailes about you (Iconer,coder,hoster,mapper,gfxer.) :i can host

If you can get me a byond membership (not must) :no im just fine as i am

thank you for reading cheers

plz send messgae as areply just in case im off if u deside to let me be 1
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gm app i have been a gm befor
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