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 HollowMans Application

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HollowMans Application Empty
PostSubject: HollowMans Application   HollowMans Application EmptyFri Mar 20, 2009 4:11 am

how many time u was gm: 0

in which games u was gm : ?

what your key : TemPMan

what your name in the game : HollowMan

what is your email : Madbomber2k2001@hotmail.com

what is your msn : Madbomber2k2001@hotmail.com

why should i pick you : iam fun , fair have lots of ideas to keep the game
fun playing and always online day an night

what is abuse to you : Spamming , if you have to tell someone about something more then once and general Rudeness

more detailes about you (Iconer,coder,hoster,mapper,gfxer.) : I could also Host

If you can get me a byond membership (not must) : And Yes iam a Member
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HollowMans Application
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