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 A Humble,if Noticeable, Gm application...

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The Shadow Of Murder,Nero

The Shadow Of Murder,Nero

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A Humble,if Noticeable, Gm application... Empty
PostSubject: A Humble,if Noticeable, Gm application...   A Humble,if Noticeable, Gm application... EmptyFri Mar 13, 2009 3:50 pm

How Many Times You've Been Gm: 20 or so,bordering that. My friends like to make games,and I like to be there to help.

In which Games Were You Gm :DBZInsanity,DBI,World's Strongest,WS2,DBZROTS,DBGTR,DBG,Etc.

What's your Key :NeroAtsumori.

What's your name In-game :Son Nero

What's your e-mail :TheOneTrueZen@Gmail.com

what is your msn :NeijiTheCagedOne@Msn

Why should I pick you: : That's Entirely up to you. but,for a few incentives,I am Hardworking and fair,but never too strict,On 5-7 days a week, and,If I say so myself,a pretty experienced GM.

What is abuse to you : Any Violation of the rules,Exploitation of Bugs,glitches,or anything that gives the player an unfair advantage or allows him to bypass the rules.

more details about you (Iconer,coder,hoster,mapper,gfxer.) :I used to code,though not so much anymore. I could map,I suppose,as long as I was given some time to get back into it.

If you can get me a byond membership (not must) : If Necessary,or,If you ask,Yes,I will.
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A Humble,if Noticeable, Gm application...
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