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 Domnic's All Star Application

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Domnic's All Star Application Empty
PostSubject: Domnic's All Star Application   Domnic's All Star Application EmptyThu Mar 12, 2009 8:04 am

Key name: Domnic
Char name: Domnic , Evil SIns
Location: Sydney ( AUS )
Time Zone: (GMT +06:00) eastern Time (AUS)


*/Owner\* ( Past & Present )
Dbz :- FIght for Eternal Glory }
Dragonball GT : The End of Chaos } > Present
Dragonball Z : Destruction of Chaos }

Dragonball Z : Supremacy } > Past

*/Co-Owner\* ( Past & Present )
Dragonball Z : Fight for Supremacy 2 } > Past
Dragonball Z : Ultimate Anihilation } > Present

*/GM\* ( Past & Present )
Dbz : Fight for Supremacy 1 }
Bleach the rise of Ichigo }
Dbz :- Unforgiven Death }>> Past
Dbz :- Untold Aflication 1 }
Dragonball Z Worlds Strongest 2 }
Naruto :- Fight for life }

Dragonball GT : Battle for Chaos }
Dragonball Z : Heroes Legends } >> Present

I have been a good Enforcer on a few games but am mostly co owner right now on those games.

I Can Do The Following things..

- Coding ( Fourth Priority )

- Iconner ( Top Priority )

- Host ( Second Priority )

- GFX ( Third Priority )

- Skin Artist ( Fifth Priority)

This is what I can do:

Coding: I can create a basic game which would consists of very less things to do but quite well with icons & stuff. ( I can also edit over an existing source )

Iconning: Well i iconed for a game so i am not experienced but still good enough to icon ( can edit over an existing icon too )

Skin Artist : Its really what i can say not so good at but i can make a quite natural skin and probably i make some good ones too. But i a still learning

Out of all of them I'd have to say that Iconing , Hosting , Skin Artisting & Enforcing are my best for now. They're my strong spots while others are my weak ones.

Thanks for reading. ( Hope you Enjoy my Application )

Side Note* Im am not a bad enforcer. and im never known for taking my anger out on players i usually try to keep them satified so they could perhaps bring there friends and more, like help the game in some way or another i guess you might never know.

Note to the owner* Shay i am very sorry that when you trusted me i let you down this wont happen again i promise you that.
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Domnic's All Star Application
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