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 Dtwon For GM

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PostSubject: Dtwon For GM   Dtwon For GM EmptySat Mar 07, 2009 9:53 am

Hi Im Dtwon and i would like to be a gm because I think The Game Needs Help Because Some times Players Get Crazy and out of line. When That happins,i want to be there to make it Right. I always Follow The Rules Because I know They are There to Keep The Game And Other Players And Myself Safe. Im Looking To Be A level 5 Admin (High Council). If i get a lower lvl I will just Be cool With it and just Work My Way up. I know it Takes A long Time To get promoted,so i will not ask the staff about promotion. So Here is My info.....


Game Name:Dark Dtwon,Dtwon,Datwon



Byond Member:Yes

Lvl of Gm Used to:lvl 5 or lvl 4

Do I Edit Stats?:No I do not Edit Because I Think of it as Cheating. I Like Training and Being Stronger and Weaker than someone, untill i Train and Get Stronger.

So im on at least 5 days a week for at least 12 hours on weekends and on 5 hours on School/work days.

Ok Email me or byond Page Me or tell me in the Game To Tell Me If I Got A Spot or not. Ok Bye Very Happy
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Dtwon For GM
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