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 Bug: #2 Visibility Shortage

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Chris Ace

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Bug: #2 Visibility Shortage Empty
PostSubject: Bug: #2 Visibility Shortage   Bug: #2 Visibility Shortage EmptySat Feb 28, 2009 10:39 am

I logged in today and I could only see the square I was standing on and 1 square in each direction around me, So I got cunfuzed and relogged and it was the same, Then I was just really confuzed so I told my friend to log in, See if it did the same, It did do the same, He said, He has expericaned this before on a different game, He said its a new gm or admin or what not who had deleted the turf, But I think some admin has just lowered visibility, I had a complaint about an admin before whitch I gave them another chance but if that person has done this Certainly fire that person, Not pointing any fingures but past guiltiness may continue after set free, I'de mostly suspect NEW recruted gm's that are most likely a gm of a different game trying to sabotage your game and make theirs more playable, As I said to the guy when I first started, ONLY HIRE RELYABLE AND GOOD PEOPLE, Test them first Just to see how loyal they will be, But You really need to fix this moer than anything else because if oyu can see anything noone is going to play, I clicked on fix me on in the other or channel tab then clicked black screen, That did no good, Please! fix this, I like this game alot and am very greatfull for you gm's and mappers to make this game, I want to play!!!!!!

Your Loyal Gamer ~Chris Ace~ study
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Bug: #2 Visibility Shortage Empty
PostSubject: It's not really a bug   Bug: #2 Visibility Shortage EmptySun Apr 05, 2009 9:15 am

It's not really a bug...it has happened it lot's of games before,and if a GM deleted the turf.when you log in you would see the square,But then a GM would have to Reboot the game,SO it's quite not a Bug.. if you think of it..and it can't be Visbility either..whne it's visibility You can't see the person and it's only GM's can do that..Unless the Game Demension Color has been set to 0 if you know where i'm getting.
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Bug: #2 Visibility Shortage
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