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 I wish to Apply For GM

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Chris Ace

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I wish to Apply For GM Empty
PostSubject: I wish to Apply For GM   I wish to Apply For GM EmptyFri Feb 27, 2009 2:04 pm

Dear Administrator / other high officer

My Real name is Chris Longley

Nick Name is Chris Ace

My Occupation is Student,

Hobby: Gameing

how many time u was gm:I have been a GM No times but I am naturally helpfull

in which games u was gm : none

what your key : Chris Ace

what your name in the game : Chris Ace , KrisAce, ChrisAce

what is your email :bluedragonbro@hotmail.co.uk

what is your msn : bluedragonbro@hotmail.co.uk

why should i pick you : I am pretty much Online on the pc all the time, I could assist you and anyone else with what ever they needed,I also cheak these forums Every day every 1-3 hours to see things poeple have put and to see if there are any bugs and or bug abusers I can try and help with so they can avoid, I could be an FAQ admin of somesort if you wish, but I guess its up to you if you want me to do that or if you want to apply me, I think your game is brilliant... But there are a few minor bugs,sooner or later they will be fixed I hope, Annyway, I cannot host because I am on a wireless connection and also I do not know how to set up my route so people could join, I am sorry

what is abuse to you : Abuse to me is somone not obeying the rules, Somone using Ki attacks to kill people in safe zones, Gm's using there powers to upset people and destroy the game

But please Contact me if you wouldnt mind takeing me up for a GM

Good luck with your game Sir/ Madam

Your Loyal Gamer ~Chris Ace~ study
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I wish to Apply For GM
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